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Welcome to Shelton Youth Cheer   


On behalf of the VP of Cheer, Cheer Director and our coaches, we would like to welcome all new and returning cheerleaders and their families to the Shelton Vikings 2019 season. We are looking forward to another fun and successful season. Cheerleading is a huge commitment that requires a lot of spirit and dedication from both cheerleaders and parents.

Please remember that this entire league is run by volunteers; there are no paid positions within SYF&C. Please keep in mind we are a RECREATIONAL cheer program. Although we do participate in competitive Cheer Competitions, our program focuses on sideline cheer, skill and proper technique both at practice and football games.


             ● Several changes have been made league wide this season. This packet will help

                 answer questions you may have before, and, or during the season. We have

                 included as much info as we could into so please keep it to use as a reference.


Birth Certificates and Paperwork-


All cheerleaders new to SYF&C must​ have an original raised seal birth certificate and​ a copy when they register. This will be kept on file with the league. Original birth certificates will be kept until the end of the season. NO EXCEPTIONS. This is a Regional rule and your daughter can not compete without it. ALL PAPERWORK is to be turned in at uniform fittings with the exception of report cards which should be given to your head coach/team manager at the end of the school year. Paperwork can be found and printed by going to sheyfc.siplay.com.  Please make sure to fill out all of the info on the registration website when you register.  This will make the paperwork process much easier.  ALL FIELDS MUST BE FILLED IN ON PAPERWORK. NO CHEERLEADER will be permitted to practice without having all paperwork completed. NO EXCEPTIONS!! This season, along with the code of conduct, parents will be asked to sign an Anti-Bullying Contract which will be given to parents at fittings or from your head coach. 



Uniforms fittings will be held Saturday, June 16th from 9am to 3pm at the Shelton Community Center.  Each team is assigned a window of time. If you cannot make your window, please contact us at sheltonyouthcheer@gmail.com Siblings on different teams may come at the same time but please let your head coach know.

​9:30 am to 11:00 am       D-14

11:00 am to 12:00 pm     D-10

12:00 pm to 1:15  pm        D-8

1:15  pm to 2:30 pm          Tiny Mites

​​Uniform and accessories dues for returning cheerleaders will be $150. This will include uniform shell and skirt (which must be returned at the end of the season), competition uniform,  game bow, breast cancer bow, bloomers, 2 pair white socks, breast cancer socks, competition bow, team T-shirt, music/choreography fees.  New cheerleaders on the D-14 D-10 or D-8 team will also be required to purchase a body-liner for under their shell and pom-poms. An optional league cheer jacket is also available for purchase but not required. The girls on the competition teams will be fitted for competition sneakers in August. The cost of the sneakers is $60. Tiny mite cheerleaders will also be fitted for their sneakers in August  and their sneakers will be $30.. All items purchased at fittings will be handed out prior to the first game of the season. As always bows, socks and sneakers are yours to keep at the end of the season. Uniforms are to be returned to the league


Memorial Day Parade-

​We will be participating in the Memorial Day Parade. This year’s parade is scheduled for Monday May 28th. The parade begins in Shelton at 9 am. The girls will meet at the Just Tumble parking lot at 7:30 am. Please remember they begin closing the road at 7:30 am. The girls that march in the parade will be given a 2019 Shelton Cheer Shirt to wear. They also need to wear black shorts, white socks and sneakers. The league will provide water for the girls. Parents are to meet us at the end of the Parade route at the Derby Memorial Library on the side steps. Please keep in mind we will get there before the end of the parade. You need to meet your daughter when she is done marching NOT WHEN THE PARADE ENDS!! The parade is always a lot of fun for the girls as they get to bond with all of the other cheerleaders in this league. Please remember we are representing TEAM SHELTON. We will send a reminder email as the parade gets closer with additional details.


Season Information-


Cheer practice will begin on Monday, July 22nd. Practices will be held Monday through Thursday 6 to 8 pm for all competitive squards whereas Tiny Mites will practice 3 nights per week, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 6:15 to 7:30pm. Once school begins the schedule will include 2 weeknight practices as well as a Saturday practice. For Tiney Mites, practice is 1 night per week and Saturdays. All cheer squads will be required to cheer for the football players. As in prior years Opening weekend is: August 27th and the football season typically ends in early November. Please be aware that we do cheer in the cold, rain and snow. Again, the cheer squads will be cheering af 1 football game each weekend, which may be scheduled for either Saturday or Sunday. A season is a minimum of 7 regular games and or possibly 5 playoff games. Each squad is required to cheer at least 4 away games. You will receive a schedule at a later date as to which team your child will be cheering for. Tiney Mites will cheer at all 11am home games at Gracie Field and will be big sistered by the older compete teams. They will cheer until halftime, approximately 1 hour. We are a traveling league, so ½ of all games will be played “away”. Football game schedules will not be officially posted by the Shoreline Football League until shortly before games begin. This means the squads won’t be getting a game schedule until the end of August. We have no control over the league scheduling. This also pertains to the playoffs. The days and times usually aren’t posted until later in the week of the playoff game. Please be patient and understanding. As always, it is the responsibility of the parent (s) to get your cheerleader (s) to and from away games unless previous arrangements have been made with your coach. Practices will be moved indoors when the weather starts getting cold. Indoor practice schedules are TBD. Please have your cheerleader dress appropriately for weather conditions. Jewelry, of any kind, is prohibited by SYF&C. For safety reasons no kids will be allowed to leave the practice or game areas without a parent. They must stay with their coach until you arrive, and the coach must know you have them. Please be sure to arrive at the field before the end of practice.



Missed Practices-


ALL practices are mandatory in order for your cheerleader to perform/compete. The entire squad relies on each other to learn the routine. Cheerleading is a TEAM sport. If you know your cheerleader will miss practice at any time during the season please let your coach know ASAP. After 3 unexcused absences it will be up to the coach and the VP of Cheer as to whether your child will be able to remain on the squad.



Parent Volunteering-


All families are required to volunteer during the season​. Cheer families are also required to volunteer at the Local and State Competitions in late October and early November. – YOU CANNOT OPT OUT OF VOLUNTEERING FOR THIS; IT IS A SYF&C REQUIREMENT. Your Head Coach will be taking names for volunteers early in the season. The league is only as good as its volunteers and cannot grow without parent involvement. There are many volunteer opportunities throughout the league.




The majority of all communication is done via email; please make sure we are supplied with all pertinent email addresses. It is also a good idea to become acquainted with your team and the league Facebook page and check it often.  The general facebook page for Shelton Cheer is 2018 TEAM SHELTON CHEER.  If you are not already a member please make a request so we can add you.  This is not a public site.  We as a league in general send out a lot of emails, please be sure that you check it daily. If at any time your information changes please make sure to notify your coach immediately. Communication is the key to a successful season!!


Save the Dates

​The following are the season competition dates. Please keep it handy. Times and details will be released as the competition gets closer.


Last Clinc Day - Saturday, May 5th.

Memorial Day Parade - Monday, May 28th, 7:30am meeting time, Just Tumble Parking Lot

Uniform Fittings - Saturday June 16th, Shelton Community Center 9:30am to 2:30pm

  • 9:30 am to 11:00am - D14
  • 11:00am to 12:00pm - D10
  • 12:00pm to 1:15pm - D8
  • 1:15pm to 2:30 pm - Tiny Mites

Conditioning Week - Monday, July 22nd to Thursday, July 25th, 6pm to 8pm at Gracie Field


Practice begins - Monday, July 29th.  All compete teams will practice 6p, to 8:30pm, Monday through Thursday at Gracie Field through the summer until school begins. School schedules TBD. Tiney Mites schedule will be Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, 6:15pm to 7:30pm.


Routine Review - Saturday, October 5th, TSA: 30 Great Hill Rd, Seymour, CT, Time:TBD

Dress Rehearsal - TBD

Local Competition - Saturday, October 19th - North Haven High School, 221 Elm St, North Haven, CT

State Competition - Saturday, November 2nd - James Hillhouse Field House, 480 Sherman Pkwy, New Haven, CT

NE Regional Competition - Saturday, November 23rd - TBD

National Cheer Competition - December - Times and locations TBA


If at anytime you have a question your head coach or team manager is your first contact. If your head coach can not answer your question she will contact either Jessica Gencarelli, our Cheer Director or Patti Prodan, our VP of Cheer. Open communications is the key to a successful season and happy safe athletes. Please feel free at any time to express concerns or questions. If we don't know we can't help. We are looking forward to another successful cheer season!!


Patti Prodan, VP of Cheer

Jessica Gencarelli, Director of Cheer